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Spectral MD Welcomes Former Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove to the Spectral MD Board of Advisors

19 May 2020

Toby Cosgrove joins the Spectral MD Board of Advisors and will assist all aspects of the Company's progression, including with burn and diabetic foot ulcer clinical trial and other strategic introductions

Spectral MD announced today that Toby Cosgrove, the former CEO of The Cleveland Clinic, has joined the Spectral MD Board of Advisors. Dr. Cosgrove is world-renowned for his global leadership in clinical experience, patient experience and outcomes, innovation and international operations.

Before becoming the CEO of The Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Cosgrove was a cardiac surgeon for nearly 30 years and served as a decorated member of the U.S. Air Force. More recently, he also served in various government roles, including as an advisor to the Veterans Administration Commission on Care in 2015. Dr. Cosgrove is widely published, the inventor on numerous patents and a member of many prestigious medical societies and organizations. Dr. Cosgrove continues as an advisor to The Cleveland Clinic, as well as a number of other leading healthcare companies and initiatives.

“I have been familiar with Spectral MD for some time and am intrigued by their approach to wound healing prediction using advanced multispectral imaging and AI. I look forward to helping Spectral MD with introductions to institutional and individual thought leaders relating to burn and DFU indications and global opportunities,” stated Dr. Cosgrove. 

Wensheng Fan, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Spectral MD, stated, “Since recently taking over as CEO of Spectral MD, one of my goals is to operate with more transparency and as a team within the company and with our key business stakeholders. To be successful, we need to bring in more outside experts to help us on our mission to improve outcomes on our focus indications of amputation, burn, CLI and DFU. We are honored to have Dr. Cosgrove as a member of the Spectral MD Board of Advisors as a first step in executing on this goal.”


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